Anyone can make you a website, but not everyone can give you value or make you money from your website.

Our core belief is that photography should be about storytelling. What is the message you want to convey through your photos? That’s where we come in.

Video and Content Advertising

We create promotional content for companies, small businesses and individuals catered to give you leverage in the social media or web marketing sphere

web development

3 page site - $50
5 page site - $80
e-commerce site - $250

once off domain purchase

hosting included for .com domains

product photography


no active discounts

Per hour

Video and content advertising


no active discounts

flat fee


Well it usually takes a single day. This however may vary depending on the work load, but never beyond 48 hours.

If the shoot was booked at least 48 hours before, then we do shoot on weekends as well.

Save for discounts and corrections, we do not negotiate on pricing.